Booth & Venue Folk

Welcome! In preparation for the main event, we’ve made some changes to how modifying your space works in order to keep things moving smoothly. Specifically, we’ve split OCF in the Clouds into two parts: front stage, and backstage. Both areas will be mirrored versions of the virtual space you’re used to, but with distinctly different uses.

Dragon Plaza is the entrance to front stage, or the public area, which is where the Fair is happening. This is the side of OCF in the Clouds that will have the live music, the crowds, and the parties. Once this area launches, you won’t be able to modify your space directly anymore; instead, you’ll need to make changes backstage, as described below.

Backstage, or the staging area, will be where you make changes to your space. These changes will periodically make their way over to the public area, allowing you to make adjustments without needing to also deal with a crowd. As an added bonus, this way you won’t have to worry about people accidentally wandering off with your pictures and the like! It’s important to note that the staging area will not have the live music, the crowds, and the parties; for those you’ll need to head front stage.

Don’t get lost!

Make sure you’re in the right half of OCF in the Clouds!

  • Click below to head to front stage (Dragon Plaza):
Enter, stage right.
  • Click below to go backstage:
Exit, stage left.