Project Path

We will be updating the Project Path regularly to reflect work in progress, infinity (meaning we’ll always be doing this work), completed, and in the Icebox. Icebox tasks represent things we would like to get to when more critical tasks are addressed. We’ll be able to say, “Let’s go get some ice!”

As link to our project wiki will be available if there is additional project path material available for your reading pleasure.

As always, feel free to send us comments and suggestion.

The GoalStatusLink to wiki
A beautiful & functional virtual OCF experience that reflects the magic of Fairwikiwiki
Sprint (Short term goals)StatusLink to wiki
Juried Crafters Booth Demonstration with online commerce enabledWiPwikiwiki
External Security Campoutdone
Description of Work StatusLink to wiki
Lower poly count to improve accessibility to mobile devicesWiP
Streamlining the login experience (boy howdy)WiP
Improving control over the audio experienceWiP
Direct streaming of Zoom meetings (essential for Virtual Village 2020)WiP
Create the juried crafter booth working groupWiP
Expanding stakeholder engagement
Improving public facing documentation (website, wiki, how-tos)